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Create a user and group. Puppet uses some defaults for unspecified user and group attributes, so all you’ll need to do to create a new user and group is set the ‘ensure’ attribute to ‘present’. This ‘present’ value tells Puppet to check if the resource exists on the system, and to create. Whether to manage the home directory when Puppet creates or removes the user. This creates the home directory if Puppet also creates the user account, and deletes the home directory if Puppet also removes the user account. This parameter has no effect unless Puppet is also creating or removing the user in the resource at the same time.

Introduction to users and user roles. Puppet Enterprise’s role-based access control RBAC enables you to manage users — what they can create, edit, or view, and what they can’t — in an organized, high-level way that is vastly more efficient than managing user permissions on a per-user basis. Adding users in puppet is a task that can vary from simple to very complicated. The basic examples presented here will create two users. The first, reese, is completely bare bones and only adds the user itself. The second, finch will ensure the users home directory is created and assign a password to the user. Puppet provides a couple of ways to help us manage users. The user resource type controls user accounts, and the ssh_authorized_key resource type controls SSH access to accounts. We can use Puppet to control user privileges by managing the sudoers file. Puppet modules are the fundamental building block of puppet and are used for abstracting away the differences between different platforms. A good module for some software should not define how you want the software but provide an API so that the software can be used on multiple platforms without needing to know the intricacies of that platform.

Function Reference - create_resources in puppet. Ask Question Asked., "groups"=>"root", "gid"=>300 Now we can use a function called create_resources to generate Puppet resources from this hash, as shown in Listing 12-80. create_resources example. it DOES create user accounts with hash in create_resources function. puppet. share. If your systems provider can handle home directories which you can check in the manages_homedir column of the user provider features table, and most Linux systems can, you can tell puppet to create the users home directory by specifying managehome => true. See also. Add a local user.

Creating user accounts with Puppet? Ask Question Asked 6 years, 3 months ago. Create a box using the tcolorbox package or any other? image Is there a high level reason why the inverse square law of gravitation yields periodic orbits without precession. iteration and repetition through hiera hashes in puppet 2016.1. MD5 of unchanged file changes on each run. Hiera 5 and Puppet 4.10. Chocolatey/Nuget/Hiera. How do I get this hiera hash lookup to work properly? Is there an equivalent to node-config-yml inheritance / overriding in hiera Puppet? accessing hiera-hash with subkey using a fact.

21/08/2014 · Create a new Ubuntu 14.04 VPS called “lamp-1”, add it as a Puppet agent node, and sign its certificate request on the Puppet master. Puppet Code Basics Before getting into writing Puppet code that will configure our systems, let’s step back and review some of the relevant Puppet.

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